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5 Game-Changing Tips to Play Golf At The Next Level

    TIP #1 Get The Ball In The Hole ASAP

    One of the reasons you are not playing golf at the Next Level is simple; you are not thinking about getting the ball in the hole

frequently enough.

    Almost every golfer I have coached over the years lacks this mindset, even at the professional level. If you are approximately 150 yards and in, you must be thinking about getting the ball in the hole. Of course there are times you need to play it safe or keep the ball below the hole, but if it’s a green light flag you need to be thinking “HOLE IT.”

    Get Specific. To start thinking this way, first identify the specific spot where your ball will land. Then you need to envision it bounce and roll into the hole, or spin back and roll into the hole. Whatever path you choose, see it go in the hole and commit to it. Getting more specific with how the ball will get in the hole, blocks out your negative thoughts and gets you laser-focused on the task at hand.

    Visualize Your Shot in Both Directions. To enhance your pre-shot experience and get the ball in the hole more often, visualize your shot in both directions. After you visualize it going in the hole, see it come out of the hole and back to your club. This stimulates a new neural pattern in your brain and gets you further connected with what you are trying to achieve.

    Watch it roll out of the hole, bounce back up in the air and back to your club. This is especially helpful when you are inside of 25 yards because It gets you connected to your shot at a much higher level and improves your shot making immediately. It is also helpful to keep track of how many times you chip in each round so you think about it even more.

    The consolation prize to adopting this new mindset will improve your approach shots, have you making more putts and lower your scores. Not a bad fringe benefit by just focusing more on the objective of the game; getting the ball in the hole as fast as possible.

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